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The IAUD / UD Matrix is now available for use

We have just released Ver.1.10 of the IAUD / UD Matrix. This is an upgrade of Ver.1.00 released in October 2007. We hope members will make use of the new version and welcome all comments regarding the new version and requests for future versions.

Note: On September 1, 2009 we made the IAUD / UD matrix online version available on the member site.

IAUD / UD matrix

The IAUD / UD matrix is based on the UD matrix developed and released by the Ergo-Design Survey Meeting, Japan Ergonomics Society. We further developed this matrix by adding information at our own initiative.


The IAUD / UD matrix is used in the development of UD products and services and in clarifying UD conditions. It is also used as a tool for linking users with providers.

Strengths of the IAUD / UD matrix

  • The characteristics of various users can be viewed at a glance. (Detailed classifications, characteristics, causal diseases, the number of applicable people, self-help tools, general considerations, etc.)
  • Users can download summary sheets of user characteristics for use in fieldwork.
  • There are instructions and references for organizing tasks and conducting surveys and assessments.

IAUD members can download the IAUD / UD matrix ver. 1.10 and IAUD / UD Matrix ver. 1.10 Manual.

UD matrix

IAUD / UD matrix ver. 1.10
Created using Microsoft Office EXCEL 2003 Excel
IAUD / UD Matrix ver. 1.10 Manual
Can be viewed with Adobe Reader

Download "IAUD / UD matrix ver. 1.10" (Members Only)

[Updated:February 27, 2009]